Terms and Conditions

“Contractor”: shall mean First Choice Timber Floors “Builder”: shall mean Platinum Builders & Consultants

The Contractor’s electronic signature of acceptance of this Purchase Order (PO) will acknowledge that you, the Contractor have read and understood the Terms and Conditions as set out below:

1. The Contractor must approve this PO prior to any works commencing on site 2. The Contractor must provide the Builder with a copy of their Public Liability Insurance Policy and WorkCover Certificate of Currency prior to any works commencing on site

3. The Contractor must provide their Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) & White and/or Red Cards of all personnel to be working on site by uploading a copy into the attachments section of this PO prior to commencement of any works on site. Please contact our office on (03) 9578 5244 if you have any queries regarding this process

4. The Contractor warrants that they are registered for Australian Business Number purposes. The Contractor indemnifies the Builder for any loss it suffers as a result of The Contractor not being registered for ABN purposes 5. On request by the Builder, the Contractor must produce evidence that it is GST registered

6. All claims for payment by the Contractor must adhere to the following details:

6.1 Be in the form of a tax invoice required by the GST legislation 6.2 Only be submitted once all works are completed in full
6.3 State the PO number
6.4 State the name of the Contractor, ABN and Registered address 6.5 State the Site Address

6.6 State the description of works completed

6.7 Be emailed directly to accounts@platinumbuilders.net.au
7. The Builder’s payments terms are 30 days from end of month unless otherwise agreed in writing
8. If the Contractor wishes to vary the SOW, the Contractor shall not carry out any such Variations unless:

8.1 The Contractor has provided the Builder written notice that: a) Describes the Variation AND
b) States why the Contractor wishes to make the Variation AND c) States the effect the Variation will have on the works AND

d) States whether or not any amendment to any permit is required AND

e) Gives reasonable estimate of any delay (if any) the Variation is likely to cause AND

f) States the cost of the Variation

8.2 The Builder has given the Contractor a written PO to proceed with the Variation
9. Any goods supplied and installed by the Contractor must be of first class quality and comply with all relevant Codes and Standards

10. The Contractor is responsible at it’s own cost for packaging and delivery of goods to site
11. The Contractor agrees to carry out the SOW on the date specified on the PO or as directed by the Site Supervisor

12. The Contractor must leave the site in a clean and presentable condition at the end of each day. In the event this is not adhered to, you will be back- charged a cleaning fee
13. The Builder may at any time prior to delivery, cancel this PO. In that event the Supplier must use its best endeavours to sell the goods, or the items that will form part of the goods, to a third party and may only claim from the Builder any shortfall in the price it obtains for such goods

14. The Builder reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice
15. Please note, the total PO price shown is excluding GST (10%)
16.The Supplier must supply the goods described on the purchase order to the Builder at the price described in the purchase order.

17.Unless otherwise specified, the goods shall be new and of first class quality and comply with all relevant Codes and Standards.
18.The Supplier agrees to deliver the goods on the delivery date on the purchase order or when directed by the Builder’s supervisor.

19.Risk in the goods will remain with the Supplier until the Builder’s supervisor has had an opportunity to inspect the goods after delivery to site.
20.If the Builder is of the opinion that the Supplier is not maintaining adequate supply or progress, the Builder may engage another supplier to complete all or part of the purchase order, in which case reasonable costs and expenses incurred by the Builder in doing so shall be deducted from the payment otherwise due to the Supplier.

21. All trades to leave site clean and tidy.

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